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This is Madeleine

As an assistant quantity surveyor I procure sub-contract packages and manage them commercially onsite but at the weekends I go horse riding.

I love being outdoors rain or shine and have always had an interest in horses, even giving polo a go while at university. Now I just ride for fun through the woods, which started towards the end of lockdown and it's always a great experience. You really have to be in tune with the horses and their moods because at the end of the day your horse is your teammate and you have to work together, particularly as they can't talk in the same way humans can and there are often a few distractions! It's a really rewarding sport and I love it.

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This is Andy

Within Kier, I’m the project director for a water treatment works project. Outside of work I’m a keen trumpeter!

Having played at school, I didn’t pick up a trumpet for another 25 years. When I did, I sounded just like someone who hadn’t practised for a quarter of a century!

Playing in the band is a great chance to switch off and apply to something with complete focus. Performances are always rewarding but I get a lot out of rehearsing a piece from scratch and bringing it up to standard. There’s similarities with my day job in that as a team we work together to deliver a project from start to finish, the pride is very similar.

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This is Kris

Before I started spending most of my days up a tree, I was a professional skateboarder for a number of years.

Skateboarding has become a way of life for me, and an expression through freedom of movement. I was lucky to get picked up by brands, giving me the opportunity to skate across the globe which added to my appreciation of the natural beauty the world offers. This is something that has followed me into my current career as an arborist, taking care of nature is incredibly important to me and I’m lucky my role lets me play a part in that.

Nowadays I don’t skate competitively as much but I do still skate and now bring along my 2-year-old son who loves to ride along with me and watch.

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This is Sileshi

I’m a senior BIM co-ordinator, which means I’m responsible for the digital aspect of designing a construction project.

As a hobby, I enjoy running and I’m part of a local club. I also support park runs as a run director, meaning I’m in charge of the run that day, ensuring conditions are safe for runners and overseeing the proceedings for the day.

Most of the time in my job, I am sitting at my desk so running helps my physical and mental wellbeing in a good way. It keeps me fit and healthy!

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I'm proud

I'm proud is an employee-led social media campaign that highlights the variety of roles available at Kier and the difference these make to communities across the UK. The campaign provided an authentic voice for our employees to showcase why they are proud to work for Kier and inspire others to join the industry.

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