Tom Garnett

Tom Garnett

Tell us about your time at Kier. 

I started at Kier in 2016 as a graduate. From there, I became a design engineer and then a temporary works adviser, which led me to my current role as a project manager. I've been with Kier for about eight years now and have loved every minute! I've experienced some pivotal moments with the company, and it's great to see how everyone's hard work has paid off. 

Tell us about your current role. 

My current role entails seeing projects from concept to completion. I work across the Yorkshire Water and Severn Trent frameworks on a range of schemes, usually involving wastewater, varying in value. I'm involved from the tender stage, reviewing the workbook to ensure all work areas are covered. I then manage the design phase to ensure it meets the clients' needs and is buildable. From there, I lead the multi-disciplinary teams to ensure the successful delivery of the scheme. 

It's a hugely varied role day-to-day, and I love learning new things about each scheme. Typically, the schemes involve civils work up front, followed by the mechanical and electrical installs, and finally, testing and commissioning. It's really rewarding to see a team come together to successfully deliver an asset that the client is proud of. 

How do you feel about being nominated for the Rising Star Award at the 2024 Water Industry Awards? 

It was such a surprise! Every day, I try to give 110% because I love the work I do; I don't do it for recognition, but I genuinely love the industry, so to be nominated for the award means a lot! 

What advice would you give those just starting their career? 

Just say yes to any opportunity you get! One thing that has taught me a lot is Kier's Raising Leaders programme. The programme is designed to improve managers' skills and help develop them into senior roles. I learned so much about myself, not just as a leader but as a person. The programme has really helped shape me and I can say I'm a better person because of it. So, take any opportunities you're given and give it your all. 

What makes you proud to work at Kier? 

The recognition you get is great; when people recognise your hard work, it motivates you and makes you feel valued. I really like how people from all levels will speak to you. There is no hierarchy; everyone is so open and genuine. I'm also proud to be a Gender and Inclusion Alliance Network lead. Employee networks are a great way for us to support each other and drive diversity and inclusion across the business. I'm proud to be a network lead and to ensure Kier focuses on cultivating greater gender inclusivity. 

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